Beta Testers Wanted!

Twii has not yet been released for general availability, but will be soon. We’re currently looking for beta testers, to try our app before it’s completely finished. If you’re interested, read on. Otherwise, stay tuned for Twii’s general availability release – by Spring 2021.

I’d like to be a beta tester, how can I participate?

We’re looking for iOS and Android users who are willing to experiment, reinstall, and provide feedback on our application, as it progresses towards completion.

At this time, we’re currently only providing beta testing opportunities to Apple users. Though Android support is planned, it may not be supported in the initial release.

If you are an Apple iOS user who would like to participate in the beta program, and don’t mind potentially recreating your account, reinstalling the application, or having a less-than-optimal user experience during testing, we’d love to have your feedback about Twii prior to it’s general release.

In order to beta test iOS applications, you’ll need to install TestFlight, and be familiar with the beta testing process.

This page from Apple should give you a general understanding of using TestFlight for iOS pre-release testing, if you’ve never been a beta tester.

Then, email us at [email protected] ; contact us on Instagram ; contact us on Twitter ; or contact us on Facebook to request access to our beta program. You’ll need to share your AppleID as well as the Unique Universal Device Identifier of your iOS device with our development team, in accordance with our privacy policy.